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Upcoming Events



Showing up as a Leader

Redmond, WA

Navigating new responsibilities as you get promoted is not easy. In this workshop, you will learn how to embody the posture of a leader. We will cover how to create a presence and keep being grounded as you deal with managing up and managing down. 



Taming your inner critic series 

Redmond, WA

Our inner critic is that voice in our head that keeps talking negative thoughts. As we become more of an observer, we can learn how to work with our inner critic. We can alter our thinking and act more from whom we truly are than from our ego. This series will help you to overcome yourself and tackle obstacles with grace. 



Mindfulness in Business

Redmond, WA

How can you implement mindfulness practices while you are running from meeting to meeting? We will give you an overview of tools to incorporate little ways to create space to slow down, catch your breath and be ready to go at it again, rejuvenated. 

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