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  • The cognitive brain
    Our "thinking" brain that is commonly used in the Western world as our only brain. It works in logistical ways and is excellent for planning and creating an action plan. 

  • The heart center 
    When we are tuned into our heart and centered, we get a feeling for what we truly want. Our heart gives us an indication of what is right for us. Learning to tune in and receive its messages is a key cornerstone of our coaching. 


  • The gut  
    Many times people refer to their "gut instinct". Our gut helps us to know when there is danger. It alerts us when something is not right or to watch out for certain people and situations. 

We all face problems or obstacles in life. How we deal with them determines the quality of our lives. We can let ourselves be contained by our fears for failure, anxiety to do certain activities or embrace change and live our life to our maximum potential. Sometimes a coach can help you see patterns you were not aware of before, keep you accountable and help you navigate any obstacles that come your way. 

Activate your THREE brains

Personal coaching

As a coach, Wendy has provided me with a path to improved work performance as well as greater insight to my authentic self. I appreciate Wendy's honest, encouraging and gentle approach to guiding me through the self discovery necessary to truly transform how I show up at work and in life. For anyone seeking to improve and grow, Wendy's coaching will give you tools and strategies to break through barriers and achieve your best life.


                           Erika Howerton, Chief of Staff, Global Business HR, Intel Corp. 

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