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Private retreats

Would you like to jump-start your coaching with an intensive coaching retreat? Or are you just too busy otherwise to schedule regular meetings? Are you going thru life-changes that require you to focus on you?


In that case, this private retreat format is for you! 

The program will be tailored to your specific needs. 

What to expect: 

  • Deep dive in-take session 

  • Two coaching sessions a day

  • Mindfulness practices like meditation, yoga and journaling. 

  • Healthy, nurtritionous foods

  • Hikes in nature 

We will teach you all the tools you will need to support you when you return home. 

All private retreats take place in Redmond, WA. You will stay in your own apartment to offer you a chance to be away from it all and focus 100% on yourself. 

Book your private retreat now!
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