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Our work is integral because we include everything about you and your world in our coaching. Together we investigate four domains: 

  • Cognitive - your thoughts/ideas

  • Emotional - your feelings/emotions

  • Somatic - your connection to your body

  • Spiritual - your legacy

We look at what you are aware of as well as what we see as your potential—what could be brought about through focused, skillful methods. We look at your social world, habits, relationship with your body, the quality of self-care, the amount of attention and energy available to take on change, and much more.

  • Are you looking to improve your executive presence?

  • Are you struggling to keep work/life balance?

  • Looking to get promoted or did you just get promoted?

  • Are you in transition to a new job/new company?

  • Are you experiencing life changes?   Relationship changes, moving, new job? 

  • Are you looking for ways to deal with an ADHD child, autism? 

  • Are you struggling with an auto-immune disease that keeps you from living your life fully? 

  • Do you want to be seen as a leader? 

  • Are you looking to find more happiness and joy in your life?  

  • Do you have a hard time making decisions? 

  • Have you lost connection with your body and its messages? 

  • Are you looking for a deep dive, mindfulness weekend with tailored coaching? 

  • Do you want to start off a year of coaching the right way? 

  • Do you just want to get away from it all and focus on yourself? 

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