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Discipline debunked

Following your passion requires more discipline than it requires passion. As I am starting out my coaching practice, my days are not as structured as they used to be. No set conference calls or meetings, no business travel (yet). It is very easy to slip into keeping "busy" without accomplishing much. However, with the deep desire to create the life I want, having discipline is what makes me focus. Focus leading to freedom!

In the Shambhala tradition as recounted by Chogyam Trungpa in” Shambhala, The Sarced Path of the Warrior”, discipline means to become thoroughly gentle and genuine. At first I wondered ... how are these concepts even related?

It simply means to adhere to your true desires ALL the time in EVERY moment. Consciously knowing when you are acting from ego and when you are acting from love. For me, discipline used to be fear based. If you did not comply or deliver, there would be consequences. Now, that I decide how I spend every hour in the day, discipline has become a decision from the heart.

Tips to have discipline:

1. Love what you do

I once decided to run a marathon without much prior running experience. I set out my training program and adhered to the plan. It was not hard because I was so focused on the goal that I did not think twice about skipping a training run. It is the same for starting a business. Doing what you love is easy. Every morning imagine how good it will feel to move closer to achieving your dreams. start with being grateful for being given the chance to do what you love most.

2. Trust yourself

Temptations and distractions come from the ego and are acts against the basics of goodness. When you learn to overcome temptations, you learn to trust. Trust in yourself! So, to create a life of freedom that you truly enjoy, having unwavering discipline is paramount. Check in with yourself before you start. Your drive and passion are located in your solar plexus, how does it feel there? There are many exercises you can do to build the fire in you.

3. Set "imaginary" goals

When there are no deadlines, make them up! It does not matter nobody is going to check on you. If you don't make them, you only let yourself down. Nobody wants that! Completing a task on time gives you confidence and gives you motivation to tackle the next item.


When you are in the flow from your heart's desire, in all moments and in all situations, constant joy is yours.

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