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Executive coaching

  • Are you looking to improve your executive presence?

  • Are you struggling to keep work/life balance?

  • Looking to get promoted or did you just get promoted?

  • Are you in transition to a new job/new company?

Change is always happening. The more present and aware we are of what our behavior patterns are, the easier it is to recognize them in the moment and act accordingly. 

Our methodology focusses on vertical development: 

  • Become more present

  • Be less reactive

  • Have better connection with yourself and others

  • Look long-term, hence have more patience

  • Have more courage and confidence 

  • More creativity. 

The power of integral coaching is in our focus on your development, we customize the coaching program with tailored exercises and practices. I draw upon many traditions from eastern and western philosophies.

Being authentic is the only way for long term success. What are your values? How do you stay connected with family and friends? How do you go after a promotion without alienating others? Know yourself and be present to make sure your actions are in line with your values. 

Example exercise: Relationship map 
Networking is fundamental in any corporate career. Whom are your closest relationships with? Whom would you like a better connection with? Who can give you insights in the next job you would like? 

Download the relationship map and get to work following the instructions. 



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