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Wendy worked with me over the course of a year to help me really tune in to who I am. She opened up entirely new pathways for me to listen to my body, pay attention to the signals (however subtle) my body would give me. We did grounding exercises and guided meditations that are still helpful to me today! Wendy came from a place of really wanting to help me with all the various tools, techniques and learnings she had which served to expand my universe of awareness for my own well-being.                                  

                                     Margaret Martsching, Senior Manager, Deloitte LLP. 


As a coach, Wendy has provided me with a path to improved work performance as well as greater insight to my authentic self. I appreciate Wendy's honest, encouraging and gentle approach to guiding me through the self discovery necessary to truly transform how I show up at work and in life. For anyone seeking to improve and grow, Wendy's coaching will give you tools and strategies to break through barriers and achieve your best life.

                     Erika Howerton, Chief of Staff, Global Business HR, Intel Corp. 


After just a few sessions with Wendy, I feel more aligned with purpose than I ever have before. With clarity on who I am and what I want, I am more driven to take action in the direction of my life’s desire. And I am better tuned into my own insight to navigate me along my journey. She was able to not only offer me solid perspective, but asked questions to ignite shifts in my thinking, enabling me to find my own answers. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking to rocket launch their life goals.

                                                                   Jamie Lee Greene, Freelance writer

Wendy was my coach in a time of change and transition helping me to find groundedness and stability. Wendy used a gentle and firm approach to invite me to try things I haven't tried before and try things again that I had given up, and that worked for me. Wendy's authenticity, curiosity, desire to help others and grow in the process makes her a great life coach.


                                            Claudia Zysk, People Development, Expedia Inc. 

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